InnoGear Microphone Suspension Mic Clip Adjustable Boom Studio Scissor Arm Stand for Blue Yeti Snowball Microphone and Blue Yeti Nano

By: Aaron Reed
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InnoGear microphone scissor arm stand is suitable for any stores, families, stages, studios, broadcasting and TV stations, etc. It is made of high quality steel frame. Max load: Approx 53oz / 1.5KG. Arm bends back and forth at the base, movement is solid and smooth. Convenient to be carried around.

Package Included

1x InnoGear Microphone Scissor Arm Stand
1x InnoGear Desk Mounting Clamp
1x InnoGear Microphone Clip
1 x 5/8″-27 Male to 3/8″-16 Female Threaded Screw Adapter
Foldable Arm Band: The adjustable arms can be fold up and easy for you to carry around. And allow you to adjust the suitable angle and height to show your perfect voice.Please loosen the knob first before adjusting the angle of the stand.Do not retate it by force,otherwise the screw threads may be damaged.
The mounting hole on the Yeti Mic is sometimes just a tiny fraction bigger than the 5/8” industry standard. Suggestion: Please use Thread Tape (not included) to wrap around the mounting screw on your shock mount, effectively increasing the thickness of the mounting screw, while still maintaining the actual screw thread, so you can connect your Yeti.

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Must have and pairs well with the USB Yeti mic! Verified Customer
By Aaron Reed on

This will reduce table top and key typing sound quite a bit. Totally worth the money, which isn’t much for this level of upgrade!

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